Electronics and Communication Engineering eBooks Collection


   I am finding Bio-Medical Instrumentation, Electrical Engineering eBooks Collection but not this.
    So can anyone share the following books as a single collection on my request behalf, please. This helps lot many electronics engineering graduates.

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Required Collection List
1. Effective Technical Communication, M Ashraf Rizvi, Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing CompanyLtd.
2. Everyday Dialogues in English, Robert J Dixson, Prentice Hall of India Pvt Ltd., New Delhi. 
1. Strengthen Your English, Bhaskaran & Horsburgh, Oxford University Press
2. English for Technical Communication, K R Lakshminarayana, SCITECH
3. Strategies for Engineering Communication, Susan Stevenson & Steve Whitmore ( John Wileyand sons).
4. English for Engineers: With CD, Sirish Chaudhary, Vikas Publishing House Pvt. Ltd. With CD.
5. Basic Communication Skills for Technology, Andrea J Rutherfoord, Pearson Education Asia.
6. Murphy’s English Grammar with CD, Murphy, Cambridge University Press
7. A Practical Course in English Pronunciation, (with two Audio cassettes), Sethi, Sadanand& Jindal , Prentice –Hall of India Pvt Ltd., New Delhi.
8. English for Professional Students, by S S Prabhakara Rao.
9. The Oxford Guide to Writing and Speaking, John Seely, Oxford.
10. Grammar Games, Renvolucri Mario, Cambridge University Press.  

1. A text book of Engineering Mathematics Volume – 1, 2005T.K.V.Iyengar, B.Krishna Gandhi and others, S.Chand and Company.
2. A text book of Engineering Mathematics Volume – II, 2005. T.K.V.Iyengar, B.Krishna Gandhiand others, S.Chand and Company.
3. A Text book of Engineering Mathematics Volume – III, 2005 T,K.V.Iyengar, B.Krishna Gandhiand others, S.Chand and Company.
4. Engineering Mathematics, B.V.Ramana, Tata McGraw-Hill 2003.  
1. Engineering Mathematics–I, 2002, P.Nageswara Rao, Y.Narsimhulu, Prabhakara Rao, DeepthiPublishers
2. Engineering Mathematics–II, 2002, P.Nageswara Rao, Y.Narsimhulu, Prabhakara Rao
3. Engineering Mathematics–III 2002, P.Nageswara Rao, Y.Narsimhulu, Prabhakara Rao
4. Engineering Mathematics- I, 2004, Dr.Shahnaz Bathul, Right Publishers.
5. Engineering Mathematics, S.K.V.S. Sri Rama Chary, M.Bhujanga Rao, Shankar, B.S. Publications2000.
6. Engineering Mathematics-I Rukmangadhachary, Pearson Education.
7. A Text book of Engineering Mathematics, VP Mishra, Galgotia Publications.
8. Engineering Mathematics – I, Sankaraiah, VGS Book Links, Hyderabad.
9. Engineering Mathematics – II, 2005, Sankaraiah, VGS Book Links, Hyderabad.
10. Engineering Mathematics – III, 2005, Sankaraiah, VGS Book Links, Hyderabad.
11. Advanced Engineering Mathematics (eighth edition), Erwin Kreyszig, John Wiley & Sons (ASIA)Pvt. Ltd. 2001.
12. Advanced Engineering Peter V.O’Neil Thomson Brooks/Cole.
13. Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Merle C.Potter, J.L.Goldberg, E.F.Abrufadel, OxfordUniversity Press. Third Edition 2005.
14. Numerical Methods: V N Vedamurthy , Iyengar N Ch N Vikas pub. Reprint 2005
15. Numerical Methods: S.Arumugam & others. Scitech pub.
16. Elementary Numerical Analysis : An Algorithmic Approach: S.D.Conte and Carl.D.E.Boor, TataMac-Graw Hill.
17. Introductory Methods of Numerical Analysis: S.S.Sastry, Prentice Hall of India, Pvt Ltd.,
18. Numerical Methods for Scientific and Engineering Computation: M.K.Jain, S.R.K. Iyengar,R.K.Jain, New Age International (P) Ltd.   
Applied Physics 
1. Applied Physics by Dr. M.Chandra Shekar & Dr.P.Appala Naidu; V.G.S. Book links.
2. Solid State Physics by P.K. Palanisamy; Scitech Publications (India) Pvt.ltd.
1. Materials Science and Engineering by V. Raghavan; Prentice-Hall India
2. Materials Science by M.Arumugam; Anuradha Agencies
3. Solid State Physics by N.W. Ashcroft & N.David Merwin, Thomson Learning
4. Solid State Physics by Dr. B.S.Bellubbi & Dr. Adeel Ahmad; Premier Publishing house
5. Solid State Physics by Mani Naidu; Vijayam Publications
6. Materials Science by M.S.Vijaya & G. Rangarajan; Tata McGraw Hill
7. Introduction to Solid State Physics by C.Kittel; Wiley Eastern limited   
Network Analysis 
1. Network Analysis – ME Van Valkenburg, Prentice Hall of India, 3rd Edition, 2000.
2. Networks, Lines and Fields - JD Ryder, PHI, 2nd Edition, 1999.
1. Engineering Circuit Analysis – William Hayt and Jack E Kemmerly, MGH, 5th Edition, 1993.
2. Network Analysis and Synthesis – N.C.Jagan and C.Lakshminarayana, B.S. Publications, 2004.
3. Electric Circuits – J.Edminister and M.Nahvi – Schaum’s Outlines, TMH, 1999.
4. Network Theory – Sudarshan and Shyam Mohan, TMH.
5. Communication Engineering Networks – Everitt and Anner.  
Electronic Devices & Circuits 
1. Electronic Devices and Circuits – J.Millman and C.C.Halkias, Tata McGraw Hill, 1998.
2. Electronic Devices and Circuits – R.L. Boylestad and Louis Nashelsky, Pearson/PrenticeHall,9th Edition,2006.
1. Electronic Devices and Circuits – T.F. Bogart Jr., J.S.Beasley and G.Rico, Pearson Education,6th edition, 2004.
2. Principles of Electronic Circuits – S.G.Burns and P.R.Bond, Galgotia Publications, 2nd Edn..,1998.
3. Microelectronics – Millman and Grabel, Tata McGraw Hill, 1988.4. Electronic Devices and Circuits – K. Lal Kishore, B.S. Publications, 2nd Edition, 2005.   
Probability Theory 
1. Probability, Random Variables & Random Signal Principles - Peyton Z. Peebles, TMH, 4thEdition, 2001.
2. Probability, Random Variables and Stochastic Processes – Athanasios Papoulis and S.Unnikrishna Pillai, PHI, 4th Edition, 2002.
1. Communication Systems Analog & Digital – R.P. Singh and S.D. Sapre, TMH, 1995.
2. Probability and Random Processes with Application to Signal Processing – Henry Stark andJohn W. Woods, Pearson Education, 3rd Edition.
3. Probability Methods of Signal and System Analysis. George R. Cooper, Clave D. MC Gillem,Oxford, 3rd Edition, 1999.
4. Statistical Theory of Communication - S.P. Eugene Xavier, New Age Publications, 2003.
5. Signals, Systems & Communications - B.P. Lathi, B.S. Publications, 2003.  
Signals and Systems 
1. Signals, Systems & Communications - B.P. Lathi, BS Publications, 2003.2. Signals and Systems - A.V. Oppenheim, A.S. Willsky and S.H. Nawab, PHI, 2nd Edn.
1. Signals & Systems - Simon Haykin and Van Veen,Wiley, 2nd Edition.
2. Network Analysis - M.E. Van Valkenburg, PHI Publications, 3rd Edn., 2000.
3. Signals & Systems Analysis Using Transformation Methods & MAT Lab - Robert:, TMH, 2003.
4. Signals, Systems and Transforms - C. L. Philips, J.M.Parr and Eve A.Riskin, Pearson education.,3rd Edition, 2004.   
Pulse and Digital Circuits 
1. Pulse, Digital and Switching Waveforms - J. Millman and H. Taub, McGraw-Hill, 1991.
2. Solid State Pulse circuits - David A. Bell, PHI, 4th Edn., 2002 .
1. Pulse and Digital Circuits – A. Anand Kumar, PHI.
2. Wave Generation and Shaping - L. Strauss.
3. Pulse, Digital Circuits and Computer Fundamentals - R.Venkataraman.  
Electronic Circuit  Analysis 
1. Integrated Electronics – J. Millman and C.C. Halkias, Mc Graw-Hill, 1972.
2. Electronic Devices and Circuits, Theodore F. Bogart Jr., J.S. Beasley and G. Rico, Pearson Edition,6th Edition, 2004.
1. Electronic Devices and Circuits Theory – Robert L. Boylestad and Louis Nashelsky, Pearson/Prentice Hall,9th Edition,2006.
2. Micro Electronic Circuits – Sedra A.S. and K.C. Smith, Oxford University Press, 5th ed.
3. Micro Electronic Circuits: Analysis and Design – M.H. Rashid, Thomson PWS Publ., 1999.
4. Principles of Electronic Circuits – S.G.Burns and P.R.Bond, Galgotia Publications, 2nd Edn.., 1998.
5. Electronic Circuit Analysis and Design – Donald A. Neaman, Mc Graw Hill.6. Electronic Circuit Analysis – K. Lal Kishore, BS Publications, 2004.    
Control Systems 
1. Control Systems Engineering – by I. J. Nagrath and M. Gopal, New Age International (P) Limited,Publishers, 2nd edition.
2. Modern Control Engineering – by Katsuhiko Ogata – Prentice Hall of India Pvt. Ltd., 3rd edition,1998.
1. Control Systems by N.K.Sinha, New Age International (P) Limited Publishers, 3rd Edition, 1998.
2. Automatic Control Systems 8th edition– by B. C. Kuo 2003– John wiley and son’s.,
3. Control Systems Engg. by NISE 3rd Edition – John wiley
4. “ Modelling & Control Of Dynamic Systems” by Narciso F. Macia George J. Thaler, ThomsonPublishers.   
Switching Theory and Logic Design 
1. Switching and Logic design – CVS Rao, Pearson, 2005.
2. Switching & Finite Automata theory – Zvi Kohavi, TMH,2nd Edition.
1. Introduction to Switching Theory & Logic Design - F.J.Hill, G.R.Petrerson, John Wiley, 2nd edition.
2. Switching Theory and Logic Design – R.P.Jain, TMH Editon, 2003.
3. Digital Design - Morris Mano, PHI, 2nd edition.
4. An Engineering Approach To Digital Design – Fletcher, PHI. Digital Logic – Application and Design– John M. Yarbrough, Thomson.
5. Fundamentals of Logic Design – Charles H. Roth, Thomson Publications, 5th Edition, 2004.    
EM Waves and Transmission Lines
1. Elements of Electromagnetics – Matthew N.O. Sadiku, Oxford Univ. Press, 3rd ed., 2001.
2. Electromagnetic Waves and Radiating Systems – E.C. Jordan and K.G. Balmain, PHI, 2ndEdition, 2000.
1. Engineering Electromagnetics – Nathan Ida, Springer (India) Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, 2nd ed., 2005.
2. Networks, Lines and Fields – John D. Ryder, PHI, 2nd ed.,1999.
3. Engineering Electromagnetics – William H. Hayt Jr. and John A. Buck, TMH, 7th ed., 2006.
4. Electromagnetic Field Theory and Transmission Lines – G.S.N. Raju, Pearson Edn. Pte. Ltd.,2005.
5. Transmission Lines and Networks – Umesh Sinha, Satya Prakashan (Tech. India Publications),New Delhi, 2001.    
Analog Communications 
1. Electronic Communications – Dennis Roddy and John Coolean , 4th Edition, PEA, 2004
2. Communication Systems – B.P. Lathi, BS Publication , 2004.
1. Electronic Communications Sys. – Modulation&Transmission-Robert J.Schoenbeck,2nd Edition, PHI.
2. Analog and Digital Communications – Simon Haykin, John Wiley, 2005.
3. Analog and Digital Communication – K. Sam Shanmugam, Willey ,2005Electronic and Radio Engineering – FE Terman, Mc Graw Hill, 4th edition,1995.
4. Electronics & Communication System – George Kennedy and Bernard Davis, TMH 2004.   
Digital Communications 
1. Digital communications - Simon Haykin, John Wiley, 20052. Principles of Communication Systems – H. Taub and D. Schilling, TMH, 2003
1. Digital and Analog Communication Systems - Sam Shanmugam, John Wiley, 2005.
2. Digital Communications – John Proakis, TMH, 1983.Communication Systems Analog & Digital – Singh & Sapre, TMH, 2004.
3. Modern Analog and Digital Communication – B.P.Lathi, Oxford reprint, 3rd edition, 2004.   
Managerial Economics and Financial Analysis 
1. Managerial Economics and Financial Analysis – Aryasri, TMH,2/E, 2005.
2. Managerial Economics - Varshney & Maheswari, Sultan Chand, 2003.
1. Financial Accounting for Management - Ambrish Gupta, Pearson Education, New Delhi, 2004.
2. Financial Accounting - Schaum’s Outlines, Shim &Siegel,TMH, 2/E,2004
3. Production and Operations Management – Chary, TMH, 3/e, 2004.
4. Managerial Economics In a Global Economy - Domnick Salvatore, Thomson, 4th Edition 2003.
5. Financial Accounting—A Managerial Perspective – Narayanaswamy, PHI, 2005
6. Managerial Economics - Peterson & Lewis, Pearson Education, 4th Edition, 2004
7. Managerial Economics& Financial Analysis - Raghunatha Reddy & Narasimhachary, Scitech,2005.
8. Financial Accounting - S.N.Maheswari & S.K. Maheswari, Vikas, 2005.
9. Managerial Economics:Analysis, Problems and Cases - Truet and Truet, Wiley, 2004.
10. Managerial Economics – Dwived, Vikas, 6th Ed.,2002
11. Managerial Economics - Yogesh Maheswari, PHI, 2nd Ed., 2nd Ed. 2005.  
Management Science 
1. Aryasri: Management Science, TMH, 2004.
2. Stoner, Freeman, Gilbert, Management, 6th Ed, Pearson Education, New Delhi, 2004.
1. Kotler Philip & Keller Kevin Lane: Marketing Mangement 12/e, PHI, 2005
2. Koontz & Weihrich: Essentials of Management, 6/e, TMH, 2005
3. Thomas N.Duening & John M.Ivancevich Management—Principles and Guidelines, Biztantra,2003.
4. Kanishka Bedi, Production and Operations Management, Oxford University Press, 2004.
5. Memoria & S.V.Gauker, Personnel Management, Himalaya, 25/e, 2005
6. Samuel C.Certo: Modern Management, 9/e, PHI, 2005
7. Schermerhorn, Capling, Poole & Wiesner: Management, Wiley, 2002.
8. Parnell: Strategic Management, Biztantra,2003.
9. Lawrence R Jauch, R.Gupta &William F.Glueck:Business Policy and Strategic Management,Frank Bros.2005.
10. L.S.Srinath: PERT/CPM,Affiliated East-West Press, 2005.  
Computer Organization 
1. Computer Systems Architecture – M.Moris Mano, IIIrd Edition, PHI/Pearson.
2. Computer Organization – Car Hamacher, Zvonks Vranesic, SafeaZaky, Vth Edition, McGraw Hill.
1. Computer Organization and Architecture – William Stallings Sixth Edition, PHI/Pearson.
2. Structured Computer Organization – Andrew S. Tanenbaum, 4th Edition PHI/Pearson.
3. Fundamentals or Computer Organization and Design, - Sivaraama Dandamudi Springer Int. Edition.   
Linear IC Applications 
1. Linear Integrated Circuits – D. Roy Chowdhury, New Age International (p) Ltd, 2nd Edition,2003.
2. Op-Amps & Linear ICs - Ramakanth A. Gayakwad, PHI,1987.
1. Design with Operational Amplifiers & Analog Integrated Circuits - Sergio Franco, McGraw Hill, 1988.
2. Operational Amplifiers & Linear Integrated Circuits–R.F.Coughlin & Fredrick Driscoll, PHI, 6th Edition.
3. Micro Electronics – Millman, McGraw Hill,1988.
4. Operational Amplifiers – C.G. Clayton, Butterworth & Company Publ. Ltd./ Elsevier, 1971.   
Digital IC Applications 
1. Digital Design Principles & Practices – John F. Wakerly, PHI/ Pearson Education Asia, 3rd Ed., 2005.
2. VHDL Primer – J. Bhasker, Pearson Education/ PHI,3rd Edition.
1. Digital System Design Using VHDL – Charles H. Roth Jr., PWS Publications,1998.
2. Introduction to Logic Design – Alan B. Marcovitz,TMH,2nd Edition,2005.
3. Fundamentals of Digital Logic with Verilog Design – Stephen Brown, Zvonko Vransesic, TMH, 2003.
4. Cypress Semiconductors Data Book(Download from website).
5. Fundamentals of Digital Logic with VHDL Design – Stephen Borwn and Zvonko Vramesic, McGrawHill,2nd Edition.,2005.
6. Linear Integrated Circuit Applications by K. Lal kishore, Pearson Educations 2005   
Antennas and Wave Propagation 
1. Antennas for All Applications – John D. Kraus and Ronald J. Marhefka, TMHl, 3rd Edn., 2003.
2. Electromagnetic Waves and Radiating Systems – E.C. Jordan and K.G. Balmain, PHI, 2nd ed.,2000.
1. Antenna Theory - C.A. Balanis, John Wiley & Sons, 2nd ed., 2001.
2. Antennas – John D. Kraus, McGraw-Hill, SECOND EDITION, 1988.
3. Transmission and Propagation – E.V.D. Glazier and H.R.L. Lamont, The Services Text Book ofRadio, vol. 5, Standard Publishers Distributors, Delhi.
4. Electronic and Radio Engineering – F.E. Terman, McGraw-Hill, 4th edition, 1955.
5. Antennas and Wave Propagation – K.D. Prasad, Satya Prakashan, Tech India Publications,New Delhi, 2001.   
TeleCommunication Switching Systems and Networks 
1. Tele communication switching system and networks - Thyagarajan Viswanath, PHI, 2000.
2. Advanced electronic communications systems - Wayne Tomasi, PHI, 2004.
1. Digital telephony - J. Bellamy, John Wiley, 2nd edition, 2001.
2. Data Communications & Networks - Achyut. S.Godbole, TMH, 2004.
3. Principles of Communication Systems – H. Taub & D. Schilling , TMH, 2nd Edition, 2003.
4. Data Communication & Networking - B.A. Forouzan, TMH, 3rd Edition, 2004.
5. Telecommunication switching, Traffic and Networks - J E Flood, Pearson Education, 2002.   
Digital Signal Processing 
1. Digital Signal Processing : Principals, Algorithms and Applications - Proakis, J.Gard andD.G.Manolakis, 3rd Edn.,,PHI, 1996.
2. Fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing – Robert J. Schilling & Sandra L. Harris, Thomson, 2005.
1. Discrete Time Signal Processing – A.V. Oppenheim and R.W. Schaffer, PHI, 1989.
2. Fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing – Loney Luderman.
3. Digital Signal Processing – S. Salivahanan et al., TMH, 2000.Digital Signal Processing – Thomas J. Cavicchi, WSE, John Wiley, 2004.
4. Digital Signal Processors, Architecture, Programming & Applications, - B. Venkata Ramani, M.Bhaskar, TMH, 4th reprint, 2004.  
VLSI Design 
1. Essentials of VLSI circuits and systems – Kamran Eshraghian, Eshraghian Dougles and A. Pucknell,PHI, 2005 Edition.
2. Principles of CMOS VLSI Design - Weste and Eshraghian, Pearson Education, 1999.
1. Chip Design for Submicron VLSI: CMOS Layout & Simulation, - John P. Uyemura, ThomsonLearning.
2. Introduction to VLSI Circuits and Systems - John .P. Uyemura, JohnWiley, 2003.
3. Digital Integrated Circuits - John M. Rabaey, PHI, EEE, 1997.
4. Modern VLSI Design - Wayne Wolf, Pearson Education, 3rd Edition, 1997.   
Microwave Engineering 
1. Microwave Devices and Circuits – Samuel Y. Liao, PHI, 3rd Edition,1994.
2. Microwave Principles – Herbert J. Reich, J.G. Skalnik, P.F. Ordung and H.L. Krauss, CBSPublishers and Distributors, New Delhi, 2004.
1. Microwave Engineering Passive Circuits – Peter A. Rizzi, PHI, 1999.
2. Microwave Circuits and Passive Devices – M.L. Sisodia and G.S.Raghuvanshi, Wiley EasternLtd., New Age International Publishers Ltd., 1995.
3. Elements of Microwave Engineering – R. Chatterjee, Affiliated East-West Press Pvt. Ltd., NewDelhi, 1988.
4. Electronic and Radio Engineering – F.E. Terman, McGraw-Hill, 4th ed., 1955.
5. Foundations for Microwave Engineering – R.E. Collin, IEEE Press, John Wiley, 2nd Edition,2002.   
Microprocessors and Interfacing 
1. Advanced microprocessor and Peripherals - A.K.Ray and K.M.Bhurchandi, TMH, 2000.
2. Microprocessors and interfacing - Douglas V. Hall, TMH, 2nd Edition, 1999.
1. Micro computer systems, The 8086/8088 Family Architecture, Programming and Design - Y.Liuand G.A. Gibson, PHI, 2nd edition.
2. Microprocessors 8086/ 8088 - Avatar singh and Triebel, PHI.
3. Assembly Language Techniques for the IBM PC - Alan R, Miller, BPB (for DOS and BIOSinterrupts only)
4. Micro Controllers - Rajkamal, Pearson Education, 2005.
5. Design with PIC Micro Controllers – John B. Peatman, 2005.
6. 8051 Micro Controllers and Embedded Systems – Dr. Rajiv Kapadia, Jaico Publishers.
7. 8086 Micro Processor - Kenneth J. Ayala, Penram International/ Thomson, 1995.
8. 8051 Microcontroller - Kenneth J. Ayala, Penram International/ Thomson, 3rd Edition, 2005.   
Computer Networks 
1. Computer Networks — Andrew S Tanenbaum,4th Edition. Pearson Education/PHI
2. Data Communications and Networking – Behrouz A. Forouzan.Third Edition TMH.
1. An Engineering Approach to Computer Networks-S.Keshav, 2nd Edition, Pearson Education.
2. Understanding communications and Networks, 3rd Edition, W.A. Shay, Thomson.  
Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation
1. Electronic instrumentation, second edition - H.S.Kalsi, Tata McGraw Hill, 2004.
2. Modern Electronic Instrumentation and Measurement Techniques – A.D. Helfrick and W.D.Cooper, PHI, 5th Edition, 2002.
1. Electronic Instrumentation & Measurements - David A. Bell, PHI, 2nd Edition, 2003.
2. Electronic Test Instruments, Analog and Digital Measurements - Robert A.Witte, PearsonEducation, 2nd Ed., 2004.
3. Measuring systems, Applications and Design - E.O. Doebelin, McGraw Hill, 4th Ed., 1990.
4. Electronic Measurements - Oliver and Cage, ISE, McGrawHill, 1971.
5. Electronic Measurements & Instrumentations by K. Lal Kishore, Pearson Education - 2005.  
Optical Communications 
1. Optical Fiber Communications – Gerd Keiser, Mc Graw-Hill International edition, 3rd Edition, 2000.2. Optical Fiber Communications – John M. Senior, PHI, 2nd Edition, 2002.
1. Fiber Optic Communications – D.K. Mynbaev , S.C. Gupta and Lowell L. Scheiner, PearsonEducation, 2005.
2. Text Book on Optical Fibre Communication and its Applications – S.C.Gupta, PHI, 2005.
3. Fiber Optic Communication Systems – Govind P. Agarwal , John Wiley, 3rd Ediition, 2004.
4. Fiber Optic Communications – Joseph C. Palais, 4th Edition, Pearson Education, 2004.   
Radar Systems 
1. Introduction to Radar Systems – Merrill I. Skolnik, SECOND EDITION, McGraw-Hill, 1981.
1. Introduction to Radar Systems – Merrill I. Skolnik, THIRD EDITION, Tata McGraw-Hill, 2001.   
Microcontrollers and Applications 
1. Microcontrollers Architecture, Programming, Interfacing and System Design – Raj Kamal, PearsonEducation, 2005.
2. The 8051 Microcontroller and Embedded Systems – Mazidi and Mazidi, PHI, 2000.
1. Microcontrollers (Theory & Applications) – A.V. Deshmuk, WTMH, 2005.
2. Design with PIC Microcontrollers – John B. Peatman, Pearson Education, 2005.   
Television Engineering 
1. Modern Television Practice – Principles, Technology and Service – R.R. Gulati, New AgeInternational Publication, 2002.
2. Monochrome and Colour TV – R.R. Gulati, New Age International Publication, 2002.
1. Colour Television Theory and Practice – S.P. Bali, TMH, 1994.
2. Television and Video Engineering - A.M. Dhake, 2nd Edition.3. Basic Television and Video Systems – B. Grob and C.E. Herndon, McGraw Hill, 1999.   
Operating Systems 
1. Operating Systems’ – Internal and Design Principles, Fifth Edition–2005, Pearson education./PHI
2. Operating System Principles- Abraham Silberchatz, Peter B. Galvin, Greg Gagne,7th Edition JohnWiley
1. Operating Systems A design approach- Crowley,TMH.
2. Modern Operating Systems, Andrew S Tanenbaum. 2nd Edition, PHI/PEARSON.   
Digital Image Processing 
1. Digital Image processing – R.C. Gonzalez & R.E. Woods, Addison Wesley/ Pearson education,2nd Education, 2002.
1. Fundamentals of Digital Image processing – A.K.Jain , PHI.
2. Digital Image processing using MAT LAB – Rafael C. Gonzalez, Richard E Woods and StevenL. Edition, PEA, 2004.
3. Digital Image Processing – William K. Pratt, John Wilely, 3rd Edition, 2004.
4. Fundamentals of Electronic Image Processing – Weeks Jr., SPIC/IEEE Series, PHI.   
Satellite Communications
1. Satellite Communications – Timothy Pratt, Charles Bostian and Jeremy Allnutt, WSE, WileyPublications, 2nd Edition, 2003.
2. Satellite Communications Engineering – Wilbur L. Pritchard, Robert A Nelson and HenriG.Suyderhoud, 2nd Edition, Pearson Publications, 2003.
1. Satellite Communications : Design Principles – M. Richharia, BS Publications, 2nd Edition,2003.
2. Satellite Communication - D.C Agarwal, Khanna Publications, 5th Ed.
3. Fundamentals of Satellite Communications – K.N. Raja Rao, PHI, 2004
4. Satellite Communications – Dennis Roddy, McGraw Hill, 2nd Edition, 1996.   
Database Management Systems 
1. Data base Management Systems, Raghurama Krishnan, Johannes Gehrke, TATA McGrawHill3rd Edition.
2. Data base System Concepts, Silberschatz, Korth, Mc.Graw hill, IV edition.
1. Introduction to Database Systems, C.J.Date Pearson Education
2. Data base Systems design, Implementation, and Management, Rob & Coronel 5th Edition.Thomson.
3. Data base Management System, Elmasri Navrate Pearson Education.
4. Data base Management System Mathew Leon, Leon Vikas.
5. Data base Systems, Connoley Pearson education.     
Cellular and Mobile Communications 
1. Mobile Cellular Telecommunications – W.C.Y. Lee, MC Graw Hill, 2nd Edn., 1989.
2. Wireless Communications - Theodore. S. Rapport, Pearson education, 2nd Edn., 2002.
1. Wireless Communication Technology – R. Blake, Thompson Asia Pvt. Ltd., 2004.
2. Wireless Communication and Networking – Jon W. Mark and Weihua Zhqung, PHI, 2005.
3. Cellular & Mobile Communications – Lee, MC Graw Hill.   
Embedded and Real Time Systems 
1. Embedded System Design – A Unified Hardware/Software Introduction - Frank Vahid, Tony D.Givargis, John Wiley, 2002.
2. Embedded / Real Time Systems – KVKK Prasad, Dreamtech Press, 2005.
1. Embedded Microcomputer Systems – Jonathan W. Valvano, Brooks / Cole, Thompson Learning.
2. An Embedded Software Primer – David E. Simon, Pearson Ed., 2005.
3. Introduction to Embedded Systems – Raj Kamal, TMS, 2002.   
Bio-Medical Instrumentation 
1. Biomedical Instrumentation and Measurements – Leslie Cromwell and F.J. Weibell, E.A.Pfeiffer, PHI, 2nd Ed, 1980.
2. Medical Instrumentation, Application and Design – John G. Webster, John Wiley, 3rd Ed., 1998.
1. Principles of Applied Biomedical Instrumentation – L.A. Geoddes and L.E. Baker, John Wiley,1975.
2. Hand-book of Biomedical Instrumentation – R.S. Khandpur, TMH, 2nd Ed., 2003.
3. Biomedical Telemetry – Mackay, Stuart R., John Wiley, 1968.   
Wireless Communications and  Networks 
1. Wireless Communication and Networking – William Stallings, PHI, 2003.
2. Wireless Communications, Principles, Practice – Theodore, S. Rappaport, PHI, 2nd Edn., 2002.
1. Wireless Digital Communications – Kamilo Feher, PHI, 1999.
2. Principles of Wireless Networks – Kaveh Pah Laven and P. Krishna Murthy, Pearson Education,2002.   
Digital Design through Verilog 
1. Design through Verilog HDL – T.R. Padmanabhan and B. Bala Tripura Sundari, WSE, 2004IEEE Press.
2. A Verilog Primier – J. Bhaskar, BSP, 2003.
1. Fundamentals of Logic Design with Verilog – Stephen. Brown and Zvonko Vranesic, TMH, 2005.
2. Digital Systems Design using VHDL – Charles H Roth, Jr. Thomson Publications, 2004.
3. Advanced Digital Design with Verilog HDL – Michael D. Ciletti, PHI, 2005.
4. Digital systems Design using VHDL – Charles H Roth, Jr. Thomson Publications, 2004.    
DSP Processors and Architectures 
1. Digital Signal Processing – Avtar Singh and S. Srinivasan, Thomson Publications, 2004.
2. DSP Processor Fundamentals, Architectures & Features – Lapsley et al. S. Chand & Co,2000.
1. Digital Signal Processors, Architecture, Programming and Applications – B. Venkata Ramaniand M. Bhaskar, TMH, 2004.
2.       Digital Signal Processing – Jonatham Stein, John Wiley, 2005.   
Artificial Neural Networks 
1. Introduction to Artificial Neural Systems - J.M.Zurada, Jaico Publishers, 3rd Edition.
2. Introduction to Neural Networks Using MATLAB 6.0 - S.N. Shivanandam, S. Sumati, S. N. Deepa,TMH.
1. Elements of Artificial Neural Networks - Kishan Mehrotra, Chelkuri K. Mohan, and Sanjay Ranka,Penram International.
2. Artificial Neural Network – Simon Haykin, Pearson Education, 2nd Ed.
3. Fundamental of Neural Networks – Laurene Fausett, Pearson, 1st Ed.4. Artificial Neural Networks - B. Yegnanarayana, PHI.


The 8051 has been in use in a wide number of devices, mainly because it is easy to integrate into a project or build a device around. The following are the main areas of focus:
i. Energy Management:Efficient metering systems help in controlling energy usage in homes and industrial applications. These metering systems are made capable by incorporating microcontrollers.
8051 microcontroller applications

Great. Thank you for your detail over electronics and communication engineering courses and reference books.

i can't download from usenet.nl
so i request you to give me another link

you can mail me at dc84maurya@gmail.com

sir i cant download from usenet.nl
please give me another link

@Naman: We are sorry for the inconvenienced caused. Can i know which particular ebook you are upto?

D. V. Hall : Microprocessors Interfacing, TMH (2nd Edition).

D. V. Hall : Microprocessors Interfacing, TMH (2nd Edition).

@Naman: Try this out:


I am unable to use usenext, can you give me a mirron for this book?
Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Merle C.Potter, J.L.Goldberg, E.F.Abrufadel, OxfordUniversity Press. Third Edition 2005.

hi can u please give me the link for this ebook.I searched a lot but no succes.. thanks a lot if u can give any link..

can i request "Probability, Random Variables & Random Signal Principles - Peyton Z. Peebles, TMH, 4thEdition, 2001." ?

plz! download link for Electrical & Electronic Measurement & instrumentation by A.K. Sawhney

and Modern Electronic Instrumentation and measurement Techniques by D. cooper

can u please give me the link for downloading following books:
1. switching theory by p raja
2. a textbook of engineering mathematics of 2nd and 3rd semester by n.p.bali. thanks in advance :)

i want Satellite Communications – Timothy Pratt, Charles Bostian and Jeremy Allnutt, WSE, WileyPublications, 2nd Edition, 2003.

plz give me download link
mail me at vishalgajera12@gmail.com

Sorry @Naman check this out,



Sorry for the delay


@Hi Atif:

Hope this might help you out.


@shah mukim uddin:

This link provides you the option for downloading from different sources available.


@shah mukim uddin:

Check this out as-well.



Finding the particular author is very much difficult. But you can get even a better author's book.

Check this out,

1. Switching theory


2. Engineering mathematics


@Vishal Gajera:

Hope this can help you out!


Electromagnetic Field Theory and Transmission Lines – G.S.N. Raju, Pearson Edn. please

I am searching for Analog Electronics 1 By Anuradha Pughat, And Electronics Engineering By J B Gupta. Can u pls suggest me some site name.

interesting blog. It would be great if you can provide more details about it. Thanks you

Image Processing Company in Chennai

can anyone please send link to download solution manual for free - Probability,random variables and random signal principles - by author Miller.......????

digital and analog communication systems k. sam shanmugam
can u pass me this link pls

digital and analog communication systems k. sam shanmugam
can u pass me this link pls

Wireless Communication
By W. C. Y. Lee
plz send the e book in my mail id dhaval_gohel170@yahoo.com

Lee´s Essentials of Wireless Communications - William C. y. Lee
plz send the ebook
my mail id is

i m searching for free ebook of:
1- John P Hayes “Computer Architecture and Organisation” McGraw Hilll 3rd Edition

2- David A. Bell, “Electronic Instrumentation and Measurements”, 2nd Ed., PHI , New Delhi 2008.

3- P. Ramakrishna Rao, `Signal and Systems’ 2008 Ed., Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi

please suggest me useful link to download the above books.

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