Real-Time Concepts for Embedded Systems


  • Author: Qing Li, Caroline Yao

'... a very good balance between the theory and practice of real-time embedded system designs.' -Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino, Ph.D., Research Laboratory, Internet Initiative Japan Inc., IETF IPv6 Operations Working Group (v6ops) co-chair 'A cl

Develop a working understanding of the common design patterns and program structures of RTOSs so you can create your own standard building blocks. You learn how to decompose an application into units, and how to combine these units with other objects and services to create standard building blocks.

About the Author

Qing Li is a senior architect at Blue Coat Systems, Inc. leading the design and development efforts of the next-generation IPv6 enabled secure proxy appliances. Qing holds multiple US patents. Qing is a contributing author of the book titled. He is the author of the embedded systems development book titled "Real-Time Concepts for Embedded Systems" published in April 2003.




Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Basics Of Developing For Embedded Systems

Chapter 3 - Embedded System Initialization

Chapter 4 - Introduction To Real-Time Operating Systems

Chapter 5 - Tasks

Chapter 6 - Semaphores

Chapter 7 - Message Queues

Chapter 8 - Other Kernel Objects

Chapter 9 - Other RTOS Services

Chapter 10 - Exceptions and Interrupts

Chapter 11 - Timer and Timer Services

Chapter 12 - I/O Subsystem

Chapter 13 - Memory Management

Chapter 14 - Modularizing An Application For Concurrency

Chapter 15 - Synchronization And Communication

Chapter 16 - Common Design Problems

Appendix A - References


List of Figures

List of Tables

List of Listings

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